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Gardening is a very healthy hobby. You are outdoors surrounded by nature and this certainly soothes the mind and for the body – it is good exercise. In fact, very good exercise; just try digging up a new garden bed! You will certainly need a good shovel to dig that bed. Good gardening tools are essential to a great garden so here is a selection of the basic tools needed for gardening in style!Garden Spade or ShovelYou will certainly need a spade to dig up your beds or to plant a tree or bush. A round point spade is made to easily cut through the soil for planting. A shovel is necessary to dig and prepare large holes or entire beds for planting.

Garden ClawThis tool is a fairly new addition to the garden tool family. It’s basically a long-handled cultivator. The garden claw is terrific for turning the soil and preparing beds with new soil. Soil needs to be aerated and the claw does a good job of this. This cultivator is great for mixing in fertilizers, compost, or new top soil into your existing bed.Hand TrowelA hand trowel is a mini spade that is used to plant small new plants and flowers. It’s ideal for working in tight spots in your garden and great for digging out those weeds!Bypass PrunersPruners are needed to keep your plants trim. Pruning plants actually encourages proper growth and keeps the plant from getting unruly and unsightly. Bypass pruners are used for new, soft growth on bushes and flowers. To trim large branches; long-handled loppers should be used. Shears, which resemble an extra-large pair of scissors, are good for trimming bushes, hedges and smaller branches.Hose and Watering CanWith no water there is no garden! To water large areas you will need a hose and it is worth spending the money on a good quality rubber hose. Don’t forget a watering can for light watering of your new plantings or your display pots.

RakeWe need clean up tools after we finish our gardening! A rake is wonderful for getting all that debris off your lawn. Lawn and leaf rakes are perfect for this chore.BroomYes, a broom does belong on this list. I don’t mean the brooms you use inside your house but a straw type broom to whisk up all the debris on your walkways and patio areas. I find my broom to be very useful when cleaning up.These are the essential tools that you should own to get your gardening done with ease. It’s also a good beginner list of garden tools that will give you a great foundation to help create your beautiful garden. Enjoy!

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You can enjoy the benefits of gardening without having a green thumb or being an expert. Even beginners can quickly appreciate the satisfaction of watching something that you planted grow into a healthy plant. This article will look at some of the well-known benefits of gardening as well as some that aren’t quite as well known.If you do not yet have a garden you might think about starting one because the exercise you will get is highly beneficial in many ways. You can, for example, lower your risk of osteoporosis. A condition prevalent among the older female population, osteoporosis is when bones become brittle and weak. Despite the fact that there are lots of exercises useful for improving your chances of prevention, gardening seems to be among the best because of the various types of exercise involved covering everything from flexibility, strength and aerobics due to the physical tasks you have to undertake. Symptom alleviation in the case of diabetes is another issue gardening is useful for. Eating a healthy diet, just like regular exercise, is vital to managing and preventing diabetes, which is much easier to do when you grow your own vegetables.

You can use your imagination and garden in any way you would like. Certain gardens represent an image of ingenuity. When you go on the internet or check out a book on gardens; you will see some spectacular gardens.While you may not be able to match the appearance of a garden featured in a book or magazine, you can still plan it out and make it your pet project. How you arrange your garden could be what will make your experience successful or fail, along with the design you choose. As you gain experience, you’ll find that your ability to plan and design your garden becomes more sophisticated.Rebuilding your relationship with nature is a vital advantage of gardening. This is something that wasn’t an issue a hundred or more years ago, but it certainly is today. Many of us spend most of our time either at an office, or in front of some electronic device. Fresh air and plenty of sunshine are what you will enjoy when you take up the simple and natural hobby of gardening. Once you start gardening you will begin to discover the advantages to these two things, even if you never knew you missed them. As little as a few hours per week spent in your garden will help you become more grounded and improve your connection to nature, thanks to quality time spent outside.Gardening in a group setting, especially when it involves your entire community, is very worthwhile and beneficial. Whether you are dealing with a cooperative project that everyone works on or if you start a community garden, this can contribute to many people. This provides a sociable atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Gardening is so much more fun when you do this with people with the same frame of mind and have goals similar to yours. You may have questions about gardening that more experienced gardeners can answer. The community can trade what they grow with one another. There’s something inherently social about gardening that brings people with the same interest together. You’ve probably come to see that there is much more to the benefits of gardening than you previously thought. The advantages themselves will be impacted by the sort of garden you have. For example, a vegetable or herb garden will give you benefits you can taste, whereas flowers are more for appearance. Yet no matter what kind of garden you have, there are some undeniable benefits that make this one of the most worthwhile activities you can practice.